Copy Forge AI, the structured content writing tool to guide and not replace your creativity.

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How it works


Start with a title

  • Start new article/post or manage your team's existing ones.
  • Bring a title, brainstorm with AI or start from existing URL.
  • Get help with keywords, tone and templated chapters structure.


Shape your vision

  • Be guided through a chapters and topics ordered structure.
  • Focus with targeted chapter controls for topics, tone etc.
  • Write and optimise content using AI detection algorithms.


Creativity, assisted

  • Organise and shape your article around a well defined structure.
  • Finalise it generating meta-description and images to go with it.
  • One-click export to basic HTML ready for your CMS.


Highly optimised to fully customised

Copy Forge AI is not only a highly optimised tool for guiding you with content creation. It's most of all a framework made to be fully adapted to the specific needs of each business. You can get one of the available public plans, or make it fully customised to your needs.

One size does NOT fit all

Most AI writing tools try to make everything for everyone. We are creativity specialists, and we know creativity needs a structure, sometimes even constraints, to be fully unleashed. Copy Forge AI wants to give a guiding structure specifically tailored to organised writing.

No more blank page syndrome

Copy Forge AI helps you from the start with a structured approach to writing. You can start from an existing external URL or content, or start just from a title and get a scaffolded structure helping you building your content.

A fully comprehensive tool

From brainstorming to topics and keywords generation, from templated chapters writing to AI detection check, from meta-description and images generation to one-click export to HTML, Copy Forge AI guides you start to finish.





50,000 words

5 images

10 AI detections


$10 / month


1,000,000 words

100 images

1,000 AI detections


$50 / month


6,000,000 words

800 images

5,000 AI detections


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